Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride attracts a crowd

The Johnny Depp ‘enhanced’ version of Disneyland’s classic attraction Pirates Of The Caribbean has officially opened to the public. POTC is attracting huge numbers yesterday and today with lines stretching through Frontierland and down Main Street. LaughingPlace.com Staff Member Doug has sent back a few photos from the park on LP’s Live Camera Phone page.

The park hasn’t seen lines this long since Indiana Jones Adventure and before that Star Tours. On a weekday even. Crazy.

2 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride attracts a crowd

  1. Metroblogging Orange County

    A ride through Pirates

    Despite the debacle last weekend and the lines down Mainstreet the past two days, I ventured to Disneyland with the express purpose of riding the revamped Pirates of the Caribbean. For those of you that don’t want to know…

  2. Julie

    I read facts somewhere and can’tr find again to recomfirm and need facts on the rights holder to the likness of the Black Pearl. The info I got was that the Black Pearls likness was not used in the Pirates of the Carribean ride, because of rights infringment the desinger of the Black Pearl would not agree to the replication for the likness to be put in the ride. Any one have any FACTS on that ? Thanks Julie

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