An Inconvienent Theme

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Over at the EPCOT Central blog they’re making what some might consider a radical suggestion – adding an environmental awareness overlay to the whole park. Where did he come up with that idea? He was inspired after seeing Al Gore’s An Inconvienent Truth.

As I watched Gore talk about transportation, energy, farming, the
world’s oceans and the use of satellite imagery and the Internet, it
dawned on me that he was talking about all of the basic concepts
inherent in EPCOT Center. Not the hyper-commercialized, overly
thrillivized Epcot that exists now, but the EPCOT Center that was
originally conceived by Disney.

What do you think? Would you goto a park that was going to hit you over the head with a ‘care for the earth or lose it’ message?

I haven’t seen the movie myself, so I can’t comment on it, but I wouldn’t be adverse to a little more of the ‘save the world’ message, especially it it was made practical for the average guest to make a difference. (Link)

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