Fans Debate changes to Pirates Attraction

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The LA Times chimes in on the recent changes to Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s classic Pirates Of The Caribbean attractions. For some reason this quote from an Imagineer working on the attraction changes really bothered me.

"I cannot imagine how anybody can see this attraction and walk off and say, ‘Boy, they did something they shouldn’t have,’ " said Disney Imagineer Kathy Rogers, who is overseeing the ride’s creative changes at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in Florida. "It really has strengthened the classic."

This quote completely discounts the opinions of the fans who think the changes won’t be any good. Stuff like that seems downright rude and is exactly the attitude that ruffles the fur of Mickey’s biggest fans, the parks guests. Hopefully that quote was taken out of context.

I do agree that fans should wait and see. And I can’t wait to see, that’s for sure.