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I won’t get to see Cars until tomorrow. But here is some of the latest from around the web:

LaughingPlace has expanded their section on Cars, and resident movie critic Kirby has weighed in. Alas, he thinks Pixar may have finally stumbled on this one.

Orlando Sentinel movie critic Roger Moore feels the same way saying it "feels like a ‘contractual obligation’ movie" resulting from the precarious position Pixar and Disney found themselves in at the end of Michael Eisner’s tenure.

There are plenty of positive reviews around. Among them USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and Reuters. Metacritic currently shows a 74 score based off all reviews in for the film

If you’re looking for more in depth coverage of Cars, and Pixar in general, you can never go wrong with either Luxo (whose tag has changed again… what more pressure from Emeryville? or Burbank this time?) or Upcoming Pixar.

Finally Route 66 Blog has an interesting guide to Cars. This blog got some amazing inside insight into the production. This guide points out many of the real life inspirations for the characters and locations of the film.

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