I won’t get to see Cars until tomorrow. But here is some of the latest from around the web:

LaughingPlace has expanded their section on Cars, and resident movie critic Kirby has weighed in. Alas, he thinks Pixar may have finally stumbled on this one.

Orlando Sentinel movie critic Roger Moore feels the same way saying it "feels like a ‘contractual obligation’ movie" resulting from the precarious position Pixar and Disney found themselves in at the end of Michael Eisner’s tenure.

There are plenty of positive reviews around. Among them USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and Reuters. Metacritic currently shows a 74 score based off all reviews in for the film

If you’re looking for more in depth coverage of Cars, and Pixar in general, you can never go wrong with either Luxo (whose tag has changed again… what more pressure from Emeryville? or Burbank this time?) or Upcoming Pixar.

Finally Route 66 Blog has an interesting guide to Cars. This blog got some amazing inside insight into the production. This guide points out many of the real life inspirations for the characters and locations of the film.

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5 thoughts on “Cars

  1. Dave

    Saw CARS yesterday. Excellent story and several laugh-out-loud moments. One of the best movies that I have seen in a long time.

  2. K

    I’m not a Disney fanboy, in fact I’ve been critical of most of the offerings from Disney since the middle of the Eisner reign. I will say, however, that I was very very impressed with “Cars”. Pixar not only mines the anthropomorphised car world they’ve set up for every possible laugh, but they also use that world to tell a story with heart and common wisdom. The icing on the cake is the jaw dropping visuals and amazing character animation. When I was driving home from the movie, it was an effort not to see the cars on the road as other people.

    Frankly, I don’t see this film doing as well as “The Incredibles” or “Finding Nemo”, but it’s a more original and daring film than either one. Disney was not afraid to take risks, some of which didn’t pay off until later. Cars is a film like that. But it’s nice to see that Pixar is creating films with true claim to the title of “Classic”.

  3. whit

    I was going to post something to the main page to argue against the haters that have nayed this release. I decided that my opinion was best left hidden here in the comments.
    I saw Cars today and thought it was simply fantastic. I was a little afraid going in, I’ll admit. I wasn’t overly impressed by the trailers and I am a confessed NASCAR critic. I may watch a race now. Well, probably not, but the movie was good enough that I considered it.
    There was detail, story and heart. Anyone that has claimed otherwise is hoping for a couple of things: a)their controversy sells papers, b)the film really does flop and they can say “I told you so” and feel like a genuis.
    Neither will happen.
    Cars salutes not only the automobile, but the American dream, the land, the roadtrip, the music and the power of friendship.
    Paul Newman’s character is one of the best on screen in years, a homage if you will to his past works, with nods from Cool Hand Luke to The Color of Money.
    The scenes at the end with the various Pixar films being set in a world of cars was brilliant and kept the majority of the theater glued to their respective seats.
    Chances are we will see this again at the cinema and will also purchase the DVD when it releases.
    Don’t believe the negative press. They are just grasping at straws of frustration and jealousy. The movie works.

  4. Roberto

    Can you explain me why is it difficult in Italy to buy the models of all the Cars movie?
    In the Disney store there are only a few type, but many people in Italy would to have all the cars of the movie.

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