Luxo Jr reviews Cars

Cars is less than a week away from opening in theatres and the reviews are coming in. Many people have been worried about the ability of Pixar to pull off another hit in a string of hits. Worried that the subject matter won’t lend itself to wide audiences. Phooey I said, people have been saying that about Pixar films since they began. As long as the team at Pixar remains the same, I don’t think we have much to worry about.

Upcoming Pixar, a Pixar fan blog, found his way into a preview screening for Cars and gives us his review. It’s a glowing one, for sure. The review does mention something I have been steeling myself for, how will the film deal with the loss of Joe Ranft, the story artist that has been so key in directing the plots of all of Pixar’s successes. Well, I’ll let Luxo Jr, tell you:

As a Pixar fan I was saddened by the loss of Joe Ranft. To hear his
voice in the movie as Red was quite touching. Also to see his name as
Co-Director was very nice, as well as the tribute to him during the
credits showing all the characters he has played in Pixar films.

How about how well John Lasseter did in his return to directing:

Don’t let the fact that your not a racing fan put you off. The film has
a lot of heart. When John Lasseter first said to his wife Nancy that he
was going to finally make his ‘Cars’ movie, she said to him that 99.5%
of the world are not racing fans. And John Lasseter has made sure
everyone will love this film

As I said, nothing to worry about. Get your tickets for next weekend now.

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