Bonnet Creek Resort builds out

Bonnet Creek Resort, currently home to a time share resort, has just announced that it will soon build two hotels, for a total of 1500 rooms, and a convention center. Hilton Hotels will build a Hilton branded hotel and an upscale Waldorf-Astoria branded unit.

What makes this so newsworthy is the proximity these hotels have to the Walt Disney World Resort. The Bonnet Creek Resort property was the last hold-out in 1969 and never sold to the Disney Company. So it is surrounded on three sides by Disney Property and one side by the I-4 freeway. (Just south of the Epcot area on this Wikipedia Map)

No word yet on whether guests of this Hilton will receive the same perks guests at the Downtown Disney Hilton (busses to the parks, early admission, etc). There has been a history of some bad blood between Disney and the Bonnet Creek Developers. Disney even went to court to deny access from the Reedy Creek Water District Roads to the Bonnet Creek Resort (Disney lost). (link)

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