Bonnet Creek Resort builds out

Bonnet Creek Resort, currently home to a time share resort, has just announced that it will soon build two hotels, for a total of 1500 rooms, and a convention center. Hilton Hotels will build a Hilton branded hotel and an upscale Waldorf-Astoria branded unit.

What makes this so newsworthy is the proximity these hotels have to the Walt Disney World Resort. The Bonnet Creek Resort property was the last hold-out in 1969 and never sold to the Disney Company. So it is surrounded on three sides by Disney Property and one side by the I-4 freeway. (Just south of the Epcot area on this Wikipedia Map)

No word yet on whether guests of this Hilton will receive the same perks guests at the Downtown Disney Hilton (busses to the parks, early admission, etc). There has been a history of some bad blood between Disney and the Bonnet Creek Developers. Disney even went to court to deny access from the Reedy Creek Water District Roads to the Bonnet Creek Resort (Disney lost). (link)

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15 thoughts on “Bonnet Creek Resort builds out

  1. rob regalbuto

    i was wondering about bonnet creek resort, is there a disney hotel within walking distance of this place? i heard transportation is not great to the parks

  2. john frost

    At this point you need a car if you’re staying at Bonnet Creek. The only thing in walking distance is the cast-member back entrance to Epcot. There is a LYNX bus-stop at the backstage EPCOT gate, however. So you could take LYNX to the TTC and from there get the parks. But it’s a long walk. I presume that Hilton will build on its relationship with Disney and offer transportation from the Bonnet Creek hotels once they open.

  3. robert

    does any one know about the times buses leave to take u to the disney parks n return also?

  4. Jef Nelson

    You do not need a car for trips to Disney if you stay at Bonnet Creek. There is a shuttle that takes you to the parks or to Downtown Disney. Yes they will pick you up and take you bake to Bonnet Creek (Fairfield Resort).

    It is a beautiful resort. I recommend it.

  5. rachelle

    Bonnet Creek is a beautiful resort. Transporation was no problem, however the buses do leave on time. If you get stuck at a park cab fare aint cheap! My kids loved riding the double decker bus to Magic kingdom on one of our trips.

  6. debbie

    Does anyone know, if in fact you do rent a car, what if any are the parking rates for the various parks? are they outragous? thans

  7. John Frost

    The simple answer to your question is $10 a day. The more complicated question is, depends how long you’re staying. If you’re staying 8-10 days it might be worth it to have one person in your party get an annual pass that includes parking (and 10% discount at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney).

  8. Allen Restivo

    We have owned at Bonnet Creek since pre-construction and have stayed there twice already. We are going to be there again in two weeks and again in November. We love it there and do not have any regrets about buying property there. We bought it for vacation purposes not to re-sell or rent. We love Disney and this property is located directly next door to Disney’s Carribean Beach Resort. They do have a shuttle that takes you to the parks and as they sell more timeshares, the shuttle will have more trips to the parks. We personally take our car and park in the lots but that can get expensive so we take the shuttle and save money. Bonnet Creek is beautiful and the lazy river pool is fantastic. Their pool at the main area is a walk in pool and there are plenty of tables and chairs located around the pools. Cuttently, they have four towers opened and three more are under construction.
    You should not buy timeshare to re-sell and make money or to rent.
    We love to vacation and since our timeshare is Deeded, we can pass on our timeshare to our Daughters.

  9. William Rosen

    We bought a timeshare at Bonnett Creek and haven’t been there yet. I was hesitant because half the fun of a Disney trip for me is the extra magic hours! Has a decision been made yet as to whether Bonnett Creek will be able to offer the extra magic hours benefit? I’m also curious as to whether once we park our car at a park, can we ride the monorail and disney buses around the rest of Disneyworld?

  10. John Frost


    The answer to your questions are, Not likely and no. The Bonnet Creek Resort is not a Disney resort and is not on Disney property. So you don’t get any of those benefits.

  11. LM

    You can ride on the Disney Transportation system (buses, monorail, etc.) if you have a valid park pass, regardless of where you are staying. You do not have to be staying at a Disney hotel.
    Also, there are at list 4 resorts that are not Disney that do get extra magic hours. Those resorts are: The Hilton in the Downtown Disney area, Shades of Green (which is owned by the military), and The Swan & Dolphin (both Hilton). All these places do have special relationships with Disney, however. I would guess that its not impossible that another resort could be added to the list, but “bad blood” isn’t a good sign.

  12. Ash

    I’m going to Bonnet Creek, for the first time, for spring break this year (march 08) what floor would be a good floor to be on to see the fireworks and have an awesome view?

  13. centflaironhead

    both buildings are topped out. I worked there for 52 weeks. never should of taken 1 year for an 17 story building.

  14. princessgoofyone

    i travel to disney very often. I normally stay at the swan or dolphin, they are booked for the dates i need. does anyone know how the bonnet creek resort compares

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