Iger interview at ‘D’ Conference

The more I hear from Disney CEO Bob Iger the more confidence I have in the Walt Disney Company to survive the coming shift in entertainment consumption. Consumers are more and more in control of what content they want to view, where they get it from, and who produces it (often the consumer themselves). Iger groks that as seen in this interview from the ‘D’ conference.

One particularly interesting bit was this:

[Iger] noted that about a quarter of the 40 million people who go to Disney
theme parks every year have video cameras, and Disney could potentially
turn that into fodder for Disney.com, which he said is the company’s
network of the future–interactive with music, games, shopping,
communities, photos and video.

Right now this is mostly the realm of the unofficial Disney fan sites and and the like. There are even a few entrepreneurial folks who have taken home video footage (some better quality than others) and edit ted it together on DVD for sale to Disney fans. There is also YouTube and Google Video, both of which host a large number of home videos from the parks.

What type of stuff would you like to see from Disney to enhance this fan experience? How about Creative Common Licensed music to score your home videos with. Creative Commons Licensed characters to insert on your traveloque webpage, etc… Let me know in the comments.