‘Lost’ goes Commercial…

When I first heard the news that LOST would have it’s own Alternate Reality Game (ARG), The Lost Experience, I was pretty excited. However, something turned me off from playing it almost as soon as it debuted. I’m pretty sure it was the subLYMONal commercial and website that is talked about in this article.

I understand Disney’s need to make a little money off their show, but to take something that was going to be primarily for the fans of the show, and turn it into a chance for advertisers to get their message across seemed too much for me. So instead of getting me more excited about LOST and keeping me involved in the story world even after the season finale, I’m just not interested. Anybody else feel the same?

2 thoughts on “‘Lost’ goes Commercial…

  1. Kyle

    For what it’s worth. The Sublymonal is really the only part of the game that is blatantly advertiser strong. Most of the other parts of the game (of which sublymonal is really a small small small small small small part) do a fair job blending the lines between reality and game and advertisement. There’s a lot of ingame sponsored websites in this game, and many of them do a great job staying true to the mythos and style of the game. I wouldn’t deride the rest of the game simply because of one of its pieces. The game isn’t purely riding on Sublymonal. It’s pretty deep.

  2. zanet

    Just found this site
    It simulates the Countdown Clock from Lost Season 2.
    Whats really cool is you have to punch in the right sequence of numbers when it gets to the last 4 minutes
    It has some great hidden gems (eggs) within

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