Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom = Tomorrow’s Marketing

Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc, takes a look at Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom and the way is combines the virtual world with the real world.

what’s really interesting is the way that Disney based the structure of
the world on the real-world theme parks, and how rooms and avatars are
modeled on real-world Disney attractions. Games allow kids to
experience — and by their reactions, even help to design — coming
attractions. It’s a world in which Paul Yanover, the head of the group
that developed VMK, says "people swim around in our iconography and

This creates the perfect match of marketing and fun for Disney. They use VMK to introduce new concept and attractions and build brand loyalty from the start.

Of course, this integration isn’t happening just with VMK, Disney has Playhouse Disney, a preschool level program, and Disney ToonTown Online, another virtual world Disney created.

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