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Is Pixar a Boys Only Club?

Michael Hanscom was watching the trailer for Pixar’s upcoming film, Cars, and was left to wonder – "where are the female leads?"

To date, there’s not a single Pixar film that has a female main character: The Incredibles comes the closest, but even there, both Helen Parr/Elastigirl and Violet are supporting characters, and it’s Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible that’s the hero. Look at the ‘poster wall’ on Pixar’s website. None of the poster designs feature a female character…even the rollover effects exclude every female character save Dory.

Hanscom goes on a detailed look at each of the Pixar film and the strengths and weaknesses of the female characters within. And he has a point. He even has a good point that recent Disney films have been fairly good about creating strong female characters.

Now go read the comments left by ‘Tim Who‘. It’s not just Pixar who is playing this game. It’s nearly every film ranked in the top 100 by AFI. So is Pixar just following a proven formula or is it a boy’s only club?


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