I’ve seen Cars

Well, not really. I can only hope I get invited to a screening here in Orlando. However, Leo Hourvitz, ex-Pixar employee, can make that claim. Of course, he’s not revealing anything about the film. He does give us a few tidbits to chew on while we wait:

The trailer for Ratatouille is awesome!  It was my favorite thing of the day.
outtakes at the end are the best ever. I know we got kind of tired of
the idea when I was at Pixar, but now that I’m just a satisfied
audience member :-) I can just sit back and think they’re awesome!

Thanks Leo. Now I just have to wait. You sure you won’t say more?

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One thought on “I’ve seen Cars

  1. beatnik sidearm

    Um, I’ve seen “Cars” — at a press screening here in Seattle. Sorry!

    You’re in for a real treat. It’s nothing short of a valentine to pre-Interstate America … and one of the best road-trip movies ever. I honestly can’t wait to see it again.

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