ABC’s New Fall Schedule and the talents of one man

ABC announced their new fall schedule. TV Squad has the goods and descriptions of the new shows. Commander in Chief, which I liked but saw room for improvement, did not make the list. Interestingly, it looks like all the complaining about LOST repeats has worked and the show will now be seen in three 7 episode blocks with no repeats between shows. Instead a new show will run in those slots. This concept has worked very well on the Scifi channel, now we’ll see how it plays in Primetime.

Which brings me to J.J. Abrams. Seven years ago Regis Philbin was the man who saved ABC, now J.J. Abrams looks to be filling that role. This fall three of ABCs primetime shows will be from the mind of J.J.. If Disney CEO Bob Iger likes J.J as much as he says he does, he’d better sign him to a long term contract real quick cause Warner Brothers is already commanding his film talents with MI:III and Star Trek. Thankfully, it looks like this is in the works.

I’d sad that Commander in Chief never made the adjustments needed to get picked up for another season. It’s hard for a locomotive going at full steam to switch tracks. I’ve heard rumors that CIC will return as a two hour movie to wrap up the story and characters. I hope we get to see that.

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3 thoughts on “ABC’s New Fall Schedule and the talents of one man

  1. Barry

    I tried watching a little of C-I-C but never could get into it – most likely because it seemed a betrayal of my “West Wing” loyalty ;) But really, I’ve never much cared for ABC dramas in the first place. The color is almost always a bit washed out, for one thing, and there’s just something a little toothless about ABC dramas historically.

    I may revise that assessment as I get more into the “Lost” S1 DVD’s. I’m up to episode 5 right now, and so far so good.

    Oh, one thing – Star Trek is Paramount, not Warner Brothers.

  2. Kim

    SO glad they will be airing lost without repeats in between! Between repeats and all the flashbacks it feels like we are never making any progress and learning anything new!

    I’m sad Less Than Perfect and Freddie got the ax. Too bad.

  3. Benji

    Mission Impossible and Star Trek are Paramount properties…not Warners Bros.
    Interestingly both film franchises were originally Desilu productions(Lucy and Desi’s Studio) which was sold to Paramount in the 60’s

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