This hurricane season has been predicted to be another big one. June through November promises to see a least a few big storms come through the Central Florida region, possibly a hurricane. CNN reports that most tourists seem to not really care about the storm possibilities. If anything, I would think that Hurricanes would mean better business for central Florida attractions as guests stay off the coasts and make more visits to central Florida. However, this report in the Orlando Sentinel isn’t so possitive.

Waits at the airport should be getting shorter just in time for summer as well. Orlando International Airport (MCO) has added manpower to their baggage check system that will allow them to keep the security lines down. As the numbers show Orlando is doing better than most would think with all the bad weather news that surrounds the summer season.

What about you. Have the fires, hurricanes, storms, themepark deaths/injuries, changed your plans for visiting Orlando this year?


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