Disney trends away from fast food tie-ins

Happy Meal toys have long been one of Disney’s most popular collectibles. The fact that it was free with a meal made it a gateway toy and the start of many collections. The problem is that it also became a gateway for the saturated fat and sugary drinks that came with the happy meal. Think of the children, you say.

In fact, McDonalds and Disney have been thinking of the children and they decided to end their 10-year plus relationship distributing happy meal toys tied into Disney films. The aim is to help Disney re-establish their family friendly credibility and distance themselves from the problem of childhood obesity.

For those of us who were dismayed to have McDonald’s set up shop inside Disney themeparks, most US parks serve McDonald’s fries and California Adventure has a whole restaurant inside (with inflated prices), well don’t hold your breath. That part of the agreement has been continued.

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