Disney to offer Tame version of Mission:Space attraction at Epcot

Just off the wires is news (see also) that Walt Disney World will offer a tame version of its Mission: Space attraction at Epcot. This news comes on the heels of two deaths within 12 months from guests who had just been on the attraction. While the deaths were not directly attributable to Mission: Space, both guests had pre-existing conditions, it is unknown if the attraction’s intense motion and extended g-forces, played a role. This is a wise move for Disney since by their own admission the intense version excludes a significant portion of the guests attending that day.

When asked if the change was being made because of recent events, Disney spokeswoman Kim Prunty responded, "The answer is no.

"We are doing this for three reasons: to enable even more guests to
experience the attraction; to provide an alternative that may be more
suited for some guests, such as those who are prone to motion sickness
or have other conditions; and to further encourage all guests to
carefully consider and heed posted health warnings."

It’s not unheard of for simulator attractions with multiple ride vehicles to offer one with little or no motion for guests who choose not to experience the full version. SeaWorld does this with Wild Artic. Now Disney will with Mission:Space beginning sometime this summer.

A few questions remain: Will guests get an early and full view of the ride mechanics before they have to make a decision on which queue to enter or will Disney rely on signage and warnings that could suffer from language barriers? Also will (or should) anything be done to mitigate the effects the full version of the attraction has on guests who have undiagnosed pre-existing conditions?

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