Pirates of the Caribbean: Myspace Contest

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Disney marketing is venturing into uncharted waters with a new promotion for the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on Myspace. Users who ‘friend’ the myspace page are entered into a contest to attend the press junket in Los Angeles and interview the stars for Myspace. It’s great that Disney is tapping into the hip place to be online right now, I hope none of those user icons they’re showing comes back to bite them. (via)

4 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean: Myspace Contest”

  1. I love Pirates of the Caribbean sooooo much!! My friends and I love it so much that we made up a ship and named it and we even designated crew members for the ship!! Pirates of the Caribbean will always be my favorite movie of ALL TIME!!!

  2. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! its a awsome movie i love all the action and thrill and adventure! its a awsome movie!!! i could watch it over and over and over again! i love o’rlando bloom and jonny deep the were born to play pirates! kira knightly is AMAZING!!!!!! this movie is so awsome i could watch it all day i cant wait for the 3rd !!!!

  3. They shouldn’t just end Pirates with 3 movies they definately should make more of them… Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are really good actors… and wicked hot!!!!

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