Mayor of Disneyland’s New Orleans Square?

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I knew Disneyland occasionally hired actors to play the role of Mayor of New Orleans Square, but I didn’t know you could actually run for the position. But that’s what Kimberly Williamson Butler appears to be doing judging by the photo on her Mayor of New Orleans election website. JustinSpace has the evidence of her fraud. You have got to be kidding me.

Btw, this is not the only controversy Butler is involved in. Apparently, she recently spent some time in jail for contempt and failure to execute the duties of her position. (via boingboing)

9 thoughts on “Mayor of Disneyland’s New Orleans Square?”

  1. I don’t think she posed in disneyland. It’s probably some web designer who google image searched for New Orleans and found a nice picture, then photoshopped a pose of her into the shot.
    The web designer probably thought it was an actual picture of new orleans. and no one new any better.

  2. Yeah, I cracked up when I spotted this on Boing Boing. But hey, if she’s able to make the real New Orleans as neat ‘n’ pretty and safe as the New Orleans Square in DL, maybe I’ll finally visit N’awlins…

  3. Mayor Canidate Not In New Orleans

    Disney has officially responded about the use of the photo below.  This has been picked up by every major news outlet.  Is it really that big of a deal.  If anything, its funny. Thats all.

    A Disney public relations official confirmed Friday that th…

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