No More Churro Discounts

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the wallets aren’t the only thing getting fatter over at Disney.  The restrictions on CM weight are no longer enforced. Yes, they actually used to be. Now, in order to accommodate a larger workforce (pun intended), Disney is looking the other way. 

Costumers are being effected the most, having to create and adjust costuming for park employees that exceed previous weight requirements. In my humble opinion they aren’t adjusting them fast enough.  One trip to Fantasyland at Disneyland will show you what lederhosen stretched to its limits looks like.  Cast Members that used to look like extras from the Sound of Music now look like Peter Griffin at Octoberfest.

Should Disney give in? They already relaxed facial hair and cornrow issues, and now the weight. Even George Steinbrenner still makes the Yankees shave.  Walt Disney wanted his CM’s wholesome and healthy. In our now PC world, Disney can’t afford to base employment on such discriminatory grounds, but where do they draw the line? Size 20 Cinderella? A bearded Aladdin? Cornrows for Alice? By allowing people to be real is the company letting in too much reality?