Pidgeon Podcast

Award winning filmmaker David Michael Maurer interviews Pixar Story Animator Jeff Pidgeon on "The Filmschool Podcast" at

Pidgeon’s credits include "The Simpson’s", "Tiny Toons", "A Bug’s Life", "Toy Story", "Toy Story 2", "Monster’s Inc", and more…

Pidgeon’s voice credits also include Bile from "Monster’s Inc", Mr. Spell from "Toy Story", and the famous Green Aliens from "Toy Story" which are also featured in the Astro Blaster ride at Disneyland.

The half hour interview covers Pidgeon’s early career until now and is aimed at educating student filmmakers/animators about the industry at large.

Listeners can subscribe for FREE to the podcast via the iTunes Music Store by searching for "Project1982" or "David Michael Maurer" in the podcast section or by exploring the feedburner link at

(Thanks Dave!)

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