Middle East Mickey?

James Rasulo, Disney’s Parks and Resort Chairman, recently set the record clear when speaking to The Khaleej Times about the possibility of a Disney location in the Middle East.  While he admitted that one never says never, he did make it pretty clear that the region just isn’t a good fit at this current time.  He did, however, allude to India being on the right track as well as possible expansion further east in China.

Frankly, I’m both surprised and impressed that Disney is able to even make such considerations at a time when a large portion of the areas population, or at least the most vocal part, is anti-American.  There are not many brands that are as easily identifiable with the United States as Disney.  Yet, Disney’s willingness to even broach such subjects suggests they are thinking and acting both locally and globally.  Perhaps Disney as an ambassador to the world is good public relations.

What do you think?