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Event Planners Make Corporate Magic

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You’re probably not suprised to learn that Disney does a sizeable convention business at its theme parks and resort properties. The cache Disney’s training continues to have, is a large draw for corporate clients. MSNBC looks at the important Event Planning department that helps make these conventions and special events so magical.

Many of those custom events are one-of-a-kind productions that make
memories for the customers and profits for Disney. For example, one
international group hosted a five-day dealer event and dropped a cool
$500,000 just on entertainment.

event, produced in February for Lanxess Corp., cost the
Pittsburgh-based subsidiary of a German firm more than $1,700 per
attendee. An elaborate introduction for a new subsidiary called Saltego
was developed by Lonnie Barton, a Lanxess corporate event planner, who
says the event was well worth the price.

If you’ve ever experienced any of these fun events I’d love to get a report