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Disney Returns Care Bears to Creator

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Disney has long held the rights to a number of properties that were once owned by DIC entertainment.

On offer at MIPTV
will be Inspector Gadget (86
half-hours), Beverly Hills Teens (65
half-hours), Care Bears (11 half-hours),
Dennis the Menace (78 half-hours), Dennis the Menace specials (3 hours), Get Along Gang (13 half-hours), Heathcliff (86
half-hours), Hulk Hogan (26
half-hours), The Littles
(29 half-hours), MASK (75
half-hours), Photon (26 half-hours), Pole Position (13 half-hours) and Rainbow Brite
(13 half-hours), among others.

I’m really sad to see Disney lose the rights to some of the characters. I could see a full-length movie on the Littles. But on the otherhand it may be nice to see them get some love and attention at the hands of their original creators.