Pixar takes back its sequels.

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Disney has officially shuttered Circle 7, the studio that had been charged with creating Pixar sequels, and laid off about 20% of the work force. This means any sequels of ‘Finding Nemo’ or ‘Toy Story’ are back in the soft creative hands of Pixar. Good news.

4 thoughts on “Pixar takes back its sequels.”

  1. Never thought I’d cheer the shutdown of a Disney animation unit, but, though I’m sorry for the folks who lost their jobs, this is more good news. I so hope this finally means we’ll see the end of direct-to-DVD “cheap-quels.”

  2. The maddening thing is the number of traditional animators who were laid off because they couldn’t make the jump to computer animation.

    Eisner’s decision that Disney would no longer produce traditional animation was PROOF POSITIVE that he’d lost touch with Walt’s legacy.

  3. My legacy will be the single most hated era in the history of animation. And that is apparently how I like it.

    By the way, I’m sitting on an undeserved throne of cash that would have been better spent making movies that didn’t suck and keeping talented people employed, but whattay gonna do?

  4. I believe Jim Hill has reported the rumor that Circle 7 was never going to put out anything. It was a Potemkin village animation studio, one designed to act as a bargaining chip against Pixar in the distribution contract wars.

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