Children’s Place turning The Disney Stores around?

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I can’t tell you the last time I was in a Disney Store. Part of that has to do with living so close to the theme parks, but also I was so disappointed with the product selection that there literally was no reason for me to return. If this story about The Children’s Place, the new manager of The Disney Store properties in the USA, improving product selection is true, I may have to give them another chance.

Has anybody been recently? Are things looking better? Is Bob Iger going to regret that Michael Eisner let this one get away?

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15 thoughts on “Children’s Place turning The Disney Stores around?”

  1. I practically *live* at the Disney store. They recently shut the one that was closest to me, but the bigger one, which is a little farther away, seems….exactly the same! Of course, I’m a grownup collector, so my wants might be different from a parent, but I’ve always longed for a Disney store that looks like the big one in New York City–one with a sprinkling of park merchandise. I would spend a *lot* more money at the Disney stores if they just had a greater selection.

    By the way, I’m sorry if I missed it on your blog, but did you notice that they’ve moved Disney Auctions from ebay to its own separate web page now? That seemed a *very* odd choice.

  2. I would argue that not only is the merchandise the same or worse, but they aren’t merchandising it to fitr the fixtures and the store by me always looks like a garage sale. And there is virtually no adult merchandise.

    I concerned that this plus Disneyshopping’s decision to go completely online and quit publishing the catalog will keep alot of mouse merchandise from living at my house.

  3. When I lived in the Seattle area the stores were being closed, or in the case of the Bellevue location, being turned into a “home” store which basically meant they had a bunch of princess furniture and nothing for the rest of us.
    Now we live in the LA area and while we go to Disneyland Resort more than any normal person should, we aren’t able to go there all the time. The Disney Stores here offer us a chance to have some fun during our more realistic routine of dragging the kids on errands and through shopping malls.
    The merchandise seems to have improved slightly, instead of seeing things you can buy cheaper at Walmart we are finding things that remind us of Disneyland, and that is a good thing.
    My main issues with the stores being taken over by A Children’s Place are 1) that we no longer have our coveted DVC discount, and 2)it is starting to look like A Children’s place rather than a Disney one. To what extent are they able to incorporate Disney theming beyond the existing (and old) ammenities?

  4. I work at the Disney Store where I live, and it’s true that Children’s Place has gotten rid of most of the adult merchandise, but only because it was bringing in a miniscule 1% of sales! The rest of the store is still pretty much the same. It’s great for parents because there is a much greater selection of really high quality clothing, and our sale prices on that stuff are great. But we still carry all the stuffed animals and toys that we used to, and I as an 18 year old haven’t had any trouble spending my entire paycheck there on things I can’t live without! It’s too bad Disney isn’t holding on to some of this stuff, but we all see Disney as a magical idea and forget that it’s still a business in Corporate America.

  5. I was just at the Disney Store in Wauwatosa, Wi. I was disappointed that there was not more adult merchandise. The only adult clothing they carried were t-shirts.

  6. As a former Disneyland and Disney Store Cast Member, I helped out at our local Disney Store this past Christmas, and yes, I too was really disappointed in the merchandise. It used to be so much fun to work there and share the “Walt” in Disney. On the upside, however, my store manager friend tells me Children’s Place management is really listening and wants to understand this culture they’ve bought into. It’s a start. Let’s hope the only place to go is up.

  7. QUOTE: it’s true that Children’s Place has gotten rid of most of the adult merchandise, but only because it was bringing in a miniscule 1% of sales!

    That isn’t surprising. Shops that *want* to sell t-shirts, like Hot Topic, have the designs prominently displayed on the wall. If I want to find out whether there are any new adult Stitch t-shirts, I have to go grubbing around in some cubbyholes in the back of the shop. Even the kiddie T’s are merely spread out on a table somewhere, like you’re at the Gap and only need to find the right color.

  8. I remember years ago there was merchandise for adults, and even though I was a kid then, my favorite stuff was the adult stuff, like animation cels, the limited edition sculptural pieces behind the glass, posters, and books on animation. The last time I saw stuff like that was in the store right in front of Disneyland a couple years ago. I went into a Disney store recently and there’s nothing I want to buy! TOO many stuffed animals (the multiple versions of Pooh and friends is just overkill), and EVERYTHING there is kid-oriented – pseudo-cellphone toys and figurine sets. That and the DVD/CDs. Not enough variety. And the layout of the store is too kiddy, like the cubbyholes and pastel colors. I remember in the past there were decent adult clothing. Today I would buy adult t-shirts but what they have now looks cheesy to me (although I may be too picky).

    1. The Disney Store is a Business First!!! The Cels, Walt Disney Classic Collection and Adult Cloths were great!!! But no good margins!!! The Stores were making no money!!! The number one Guest in the store is 6-8 little girl!!! and has for the adult cloths…how many pooh overalls can one person own!

      Kiddy you say!!! it’s a kid store first!!! and the stores can stay open so every now and then adults can come in and admire the collectibles and possibly buy something!!!

      and I’ve been a Cast Member for 15 years…so I’m old Disney..but I change with the times…that is why I’m still around.

      –A Guy

  9. I stop into the local Disney store at least once every 2 weeks. I too am disappointed with the lack of adult clothing. Also, their DVD selection is poor. You would think that you could buy the Disney films as well as the rest of Disney merchandise, but I have better luck looking in either Target or Best Buy. Still a nice store, but I wish they had more for everyone over the age of 8.

  10. What a mess Disney made of it’s retail name. The Childrens Place is not capable of taking on a venture like the Disney Stores. They have little experience in the Disney fan mind set,guest service or adults. They do not have the tradition behind them to pull it off. The employes are no longer happy, helpful or interested in talking Disney. The store did not have the basic items to draw the Disney shopper. I would like to know who is their buyer & merchandiser. Recently I visited our “Mickey Store”, as it is now named, and was completely disappointed with the new layout, product and staff. How many types of plush does one really need? Do they realize that there are boys in the world let alone adults? Gift items were no where in sight. They don’t even have a catalog. When I asked the sales associate for some info on a specific item I was looking for she replied rather nasty that she could help me. So it goes without saying I will no longer be going to the Mickey Store. They need to be bought out by Disney.

  11. I remember going into the Disney stores when they first opened and seeing some of the most wonderful collectables and clothing for adults as well as children. I remember jewlery and watches that I am kicking myself for not purchasing at the time. The wonderful thing about the Disney stores in the begining was that it brought out the kid in the adults as well. Time for a Disney revamp.

  12. Very poor choice of merchandise at Disney Stores. It used to be that before taking our yearly trip to one of the Disney Parks, a vist to the stores was a must for the Disney attire to wear. No Adult, mostly costumes and PJs. The Merchandise at the Children’s Place isn’t much better lately. Our daughter can’t wear most of the clothing because she becomes itchy. Must be the counties they are using to manufacture china, malysisa, etc. What’s happening to the store management too. Never the same people to wait on you, seems like a big turnaround in employees, not just seasonal.

  13. I work for TCP, but not for long. What is happening is they don’t believe in promoting from within. They rather bring someone from Old Navy or Bath and Body to manage their stores. They forget how they got to where they are. Atleast post openings before you go outside!

  14. I for one, as a present cast member of a disney store, do not not agree with half of the comments being said about our stores. I don’t think weve taken any part of “Walt” out of Disney. I have a lot of fun working were I do, and I’m certain that when guests come in to shop they have a great time too. As far as the childrens place buying us over, bad move. But as far as as guest servicing, dvd selling, fixture fitting, and adult wordrobe, there is nothing wrong with any of this. I’m not just saying any of this just because I work there but I am rather stating the facts. We make up for adult sales in childrens sales. The only dvds we can sell are the ones that are out of the vault, otherwise we would be selling them illegally. The hardware for the fixtures never seem to give me a problem when I am setting them up. And when it comes to the adult lines of clothing or otherwise, and like I’ve seen in other comments, they only make-up about 1% of total sales. And another thing for people who would like to talk negatively about the Disney Stores, you guys have to remember that we, meaning our stores and the Walt Disney Company, are two completely different companies. That means we might have some similar products, but for the most part they are different products, made differently and everything. Thank you for listening and please feel free to comment on what I have posted.

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