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The Village Voice looks at Disney’s smash hit musical "High School Musical" (still #4 at Amazon) and says (paraphrasing), ‘hey so it isn’t RENT or West Side Story, at least kids are genuinely interested in the musical genre again. So it’s a good thing right?’

What do you think? Have you see it yet?

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109 thoughts on “Voice on High School Musical”

  1. I love this movie… I think that it is the best disney movie. But I want to know if they are going to put the movie on DVD, and if so, if it is going to be soon

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  3. hi zac you are an amazing person you sing well and you can play ball did u already no how 2 sing and play ball or did ya have to learn and vannesa did awsum 2 u guys are so so so kewl and evryone sounds crazzzzzy over u zac lol i gtg bye and plzzzzz ryte bac

  4. You are so HOT! and the movie was damm good !!!!!!are you going to star in another movie .
    im single but not for long

  5. OMG I THOUGHT THE MOVIE WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. o my God zac efron is SUPER HOTT he is soooooooooooooooooo mine so bac off !!!
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  10. now i know the above prolly wont happen but if it did there is nothing else i could really hope for please if you really do read this please call just hearing your voice would make my life so much better

  11. Courtney Sorrells

    look everyone Zac isnt anybody’s. He’s just one person and yeah he is cute, and sweet, but there’s a lot more to guys than looks and yeah i think Zac has all of that. but he’s not like a toy you and one of your siblings are fighting over. He’s just a person like everyone else. I love his voice, but you guys need to lay off, it may be good to hear comments like that, but for some people it probably makes them think you’re stalking them. so whoever thinks Zac is his think again. He’s whoever he chooses to be with. So yeah comment him, but dont try to claim him. There’s plenty of guys in this world. You dont need a star to shine. That’s all i got to say. Zac if you’re reading this, you’re a really good person, and you’ll go far, but you dont need people to make you happy just music, that’s all people need to get through the day. Birds were one of the first music types. They have a beautiful sound, and that’s enough to make anyone happy. Love always, Courtney Sorrells.

  12. Hey! She’s right! I’m like some of you. I think he is really hot, but I wouldn’t say that he is mine. Also don’t just talk about yourself, that might give people the impression that you are conceided. Try to think of things that won’t make you seem like you are conceided. Okay, now to stop talking about that kind of stuff, I’m going to talk more about the movie. I haven’t seen it yet because I don’t have cable, but my chorus class is do “We’re All in this Together” for our spring concert. This boy in my class brought in the clip with them singing the song and as soon as I saw Zac I thought he was so cute! I hope your reading this Zac! That would be so awesome! Love, Holly Shue

  13. Hay high school musical cast!I think you did a great job on the movie!I wish I was Sharpay or Gabbriellia.One of my arch ennemey’s named Gianni Ortiz Told me when we where frineds that she thinks that Zac Effron is a hotty and sexy and cute!But I think diffrentley.I think you are an awesome guy!

  14. Hay high school musical cast!I think you did a great job on the movie!I wish I was Sharpay or Gabbriellia.One of my arch ennemey’s named Gianni Ortiz Told me when we where frineds that she thinks that Zac Effron is a hotty and sexy and cute!But I think diffrentley.I think you are an awesome guy!

  15. ithought the movie was the best movie disney has come out with yet.i also think zac efron is hot .but i also also want to say i won a jacket from the movie .i hope its his can anyone tell me who i might get or who i will get!please! love
    chelsea p.s. zac is hot

  16. Hey HSM cast. I want 2 say that the movie wasm awsome! And Zac if u r really reading this i think u have an awsome voice and if that rumor is true, I think u should have taken that record deal from Simon off of American Idol. One time I had this dream that you were at a spa with Orlando Bloom and I asked u 2 sing a Black Eyed Peas song. But u didnt cuz my cat pounced on top of me. I have entered every contest 2 try and meet u or get a note from u or something like that. Anyway u probably aren’t reading this. Oh well I just wanted 2 say that u r awsome and u should make a CD even though u want 2 pursue acting I think your CD would please lots of people. So maybe I’ll write somethying else if I get the chance. C ya!!!

  17. I absolutely loved your movie and you! You are totally hot and i loved your moves in basketball- i play too- and wish i could play like you! i love your voice! I hope you guys come out with a sequal cuz i have seen the first one over and over and over! Soon i will be putting your pic. in my refridgerator! JK! well i hope you write back!!!!!!

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  20. This is 2 Ashley Nicole. They r making a HSM 2. Zac said he thinks it should b that Troy gets Super Powers. Then Ashley said Sharpay shuold get revenge and be an evil villan. I read it in a magazine if u wanted 2 know.

  21. omg…pls..zac is soo hot!!! omg…I really want to meet you..and I soo SOOO SOO!!! NEED YOU AUTOGRAPH!! I WANT to TAKE EVERY MAGAZINE!!! that has HSM on it!! PLS REPLY ZAC!! EMAIL ME!!! OMG!! there is HSM 2?!?!?!?WTF!! but…my dream of meeting him..will sooo not come true

  22. wow u guyz REALLY like zac efron, i cant believe his 19 i mean doesn’t he look a bit…. young????

  23. This is 2 sarah. I think Zac Efron is actualy 18, but I’m not thet sure. And I think Ashley Tisdale is 21. That is kinda creepy!

  24. Kentalope (my nickname)

    Vanessa anne Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale are both mine. I think that this movie is the BEST! I LOVE THE MOVIE AND THE MUSIC!!

  25. hey hey mi lover well j/k weell your mi faverite and you r so hott how old r u and mi friend whats to go out with u her name is april and do u like be a actor and is it fun being a actor

  26. hey u r so frikin sexy and mi friend and i rr in love with u so ya do u love to be a actor and well u go out with me.

  27. i think that zac is ok….he’s just ok..my cousin said zac is like a bright lightbulb..lol..i wouldnt go on a date with him no offense ……ok bye

  28. Ashley Tisdale reminds of a vanilla ice cream cone I am dying to eat and the ever so spicy Vanessa Anne Hudgens sang into my heart. I THINK I’M IN LOVE… Too bad Brenda Song wasn’t there to add that asian sensation. I guess my soul will never be satisfied.

  29. heyyyy i love zac efron sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mch he is soooo hott hes like the most hottest thing i wish he was mine ill do anyhting if ur readin diz zac i want to let u noe dat u have da bestest voice if dat makes any sence lol ur mi fravioute actor n alwaiz will be n plz send me n emaill plzz write bakk n dat was such a good movie n in da movie gabrielle will be soo luky if she kissed zac efronn ohhh im listenin to ur song now getcha head in the game mi fraviote one is breaking free i really love dat song n hopefulli imeet you one daii i really want to become an actress can u plz give me some advice its my dream to become an actress and meet youu thankyou so much if ur bothrd to read diz hehe baiii mwaaaa to zac efron big kisses

  30. hey this is leah again . What is hsm 2 about? ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hot. Chelsea Moss Back off he’s mine. luv u zac.

  31. ZAC EFRON IS soooooo sexy if he seen me he would faint thats how cute i am he would say ewwwww if he seen yal

    i <3 zac efron sooooooooo much

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 me byebye

  32. Zac Efron is so hot! I want to meet him so muchhhhhhhhh! He has the greatest voice and he is so sweet! I just can’t beleive he is single! I’m only 13 so i no theres no hope. But just meeting him would be the best!!!!! i would just die!! I think him and ashley tisdale should go out. they would make a cute couple. I cant wait for hsm 2! it would get billions of viewers.anyways i luv u zac!I wish i could meet u in person!

  33. you guys are being very mean to each other zac efron is not anybody’s girlfriend. some of you girls are being real mean b/c some of us r not little girls and zac is not yours. don’t get me wrong he is super hottttttttt! i wish he wuz mine just as much as u all. he is a living and breathing human being not a robot. love u zac!

  34. hey i think vanessa is the best singer. last night my mum said that i sound like vanessa i think i should meet zac because i listen to the cd just about 1 hour everyday. my mum said she is liking the cd last zac is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot even hotter than hotter

  35. Vanessa is an ‘ok’ singer but definatly not as good as Zac. She kinda has a squeeky voice.
    Maybe thats just me!

  36. hey guys
    Zac ur sxc and the other guys r awsum but mostly zac lol. I was just wondering if there is there another high school musical coming out and when coz i luv the movie if u no when plzz let me no thanx.
    luv ya guys but zac mostly
    luv jen

  37. zac haz an amazing voice i can’t believe he did not take the record deal from simon cowell. u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! my fave scene is the scene of getcha head in the game b/c he looks sooooooo hotttttt while he is dancing. i can’t wait 4 hsm 2. i hope it’s az good as this one. luv u zac.

  38. hi zac , i was just wondering if you are the one that sings in? ‘high school musical’ because people have been saying a man named Drew Seeley does your sing vioce. i think you are a great actors and i wish you good luck in the fucture and do u8 still keep in touch with the other actors in ‘high school musical’ bye

  39. hey zac i just want to tell u that u sing gr8 harmony w/ vanessa. u both have spectacular voices. tell vanessa congrats 4 her record deal. will she still be in hsm2? luv u zac. Leah

  40. hey hms this is sammie,
    zac is totally hot he is even hotter than hot he is the hotest guy on earth he is my
    dream boy i dream bout him all night long i can’t sleep coz of him he is my boy toy my hotest guy he is even more cute than nick carter he is the hottest guy i luv u zac oh yeah and one thing u and ashley are sooooooo cute together tell me who you like best vannessa or ashley tell me k if mu want mail me at [email protected] luv u guys u guys r the best people even ashley luv sammie

  41. u guys will never have chance with zac because i got a modeling job in hollywood and i am super hottttttt! so don’t get ur hopes up girls. ciao. luv u za.

  42. zac u have the best voice ever u 2 vanessa i can’t wait until hsm 2. guess what i have a 5 ft. poster of u from j-14. and me and u have a lot in common i play guitar,sing and play piano. my brother’s name is zac too. ciao luv u zac.

  43. Waz up?Zac is totally hot in HSM!He is just about the cutest thing 2 eva walk this planet.I jus melt in those gorgeous blue eyes of his and would love to meet him 1 day.although i just might faint at the the sight of that walkin 2wards me!!wooo baby!hehe

  44. Dancechick5, i have that same poster i put it on my door! i’m entering a win a date with Zac in a PopStar magazine! it would b awesome if I won!!

  45. In this mag I read that in HSM 2, Gabriella & Sharpey(however u spell it)r going 2 try 2 win over his heart! How cute. Who do u think he will go 4?

  46. hey zac u r so cool and u have a really good vose do u think u could give me some ponters on singing (i mean my friends tell me im good)but im trying to tran my self on how to sing better cuz its my dreem to sing live and be a singer and also i have to ask r u and Vanessa going out (boyfriend and girlfriend) plz right back i need these ponters my e-mail is [email protected] and my name is Krysta

  47. 2 Krysta. Him & Vaness arn’t going out. The’re just frindz! Hey if anybody has any more questions about Zac, I can probably answer them.Oh yeah, & HSM is gonna take place @ Sharpeys Country Club. & then She is gonna fall in love w/ Troy!

  48. Hi 2 evryone!! Well, i´m 100% in love with ZAC EFRON!! i really like him, and i just gotta say he´s completely mine, so sorry babies, luck 4 the next time!! take care, meeeeeeee PS: the best chick in the world, and the prettiest 2

  49. hey people I love High School musical actually my whole high school likes it and i’m not sure if its because the basket ball team on high school musical is the same as ours I mean were called the wildcats which I think is awesome. High school is really full of alot of drama and thats one of the things i like about high school musical is the fact that it shows that we are all in this together.

  50. o and gurls zac is just like any other guy except he’s famous. I really don’t think we should get carried away ok? well my weekend has been all storms and crap again so how was yours? well g2g bye.

  51. Hey everyone
    calm down…..
    Zac is no ones.. No one owns him
    Yes everyone loves him and yes he is hot!
    But STOP saying his your cause his not..

    Luv ya all
    XoXo luv bri <3

  52. hi zac i’m portuguesa and i love your job and i love you i don’t speek very good inglex. and i love to see higth scool musical is a film very very good is my favorit film now.

  53. zak is mine girlyz my name is roxy and i play a roll in high school musical and i play a part in stick to the status quo and zak/troy sed they luv uz all and i ove him he iz mine i play a girl yyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. hi girlz i am the girl roxy again well if u say that you want me too give you a poster or a gift for you all from zak then the first three people get a free gifts watch, camera, poster. you can pick also remember to give your email so u can get all of these free who will be the lucky girls/boys.????????????????
    good luck

  55. i got the film yesterday and i hav watched it about 10 times already lolx

    i LUV zak!! and luved the dance moves ! lmao

  56. i think corbin bleu is hot
    i hope i win the kick it with kyle & corbin sweepstakes
    i really want to meet him!!!
    he was great in the movie!!

  57. Hey I agree with you girl. Cobin Bleu is cute. More like FFFFFFIIIIINNNNNEEEEEE.I want to win the sweepstakes too.I’ve had it on my things to do list ever since I saw the preview of JUMP IN. I fa sho want to win a trip with him. Corbin if you read this email me back. I rarely get mail and to get one from you would be out of my world. Those gils say Zac is cute but zac aint got nothin on you Corbin

  58. omg isnt zac like the hotest guy on the planet??!!he’s sooooo cute and nice and has got a great voice!!l luv him 2 bits!!i just wish there could be more guys like him!! and the movie is great i love it!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  59. hey does anyone have any high school musical, or any other, codes for vmk?
    I’d really like them thanks! and yes Zac Efron is hot!

  60. I luv u Zac. All laddies back off cus Zac is MARRIED!
    Talk to me Zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. This is to all the High School Musical cast.Thank you guys for doing all that you do for your fans.I can imagine that it hasn’t been all fun and games along the way! So thanks alot!I LOVE Zac Efron!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Hi ASHLEY, I wish you happy birthday a little bit late,I didn’t know how to congratulate you. Did you enjoy it?
    Have a nice time eating cake! Bye!

  63. i just had a ? so if any one knows like for sure please help me out ok so i want to no what type of dancing they do on high school musical like there main dancing they do cuz its really cool i dance so i just wanted to check that syle out and see if it flows so ya just let me no

  64. hi my favoutite person is sharpey i like how she loves attention like me. i always have to be in control you can even ask my friends. i am really normally the centre of everything i find out everything but not alot of people tell me secrets because i always open my big mouth but i really hate this girl who is going out with the cuttist boy in school. just like sharpey. and it will get wierder the girl who is annoying is called gabrelle.
    i love high school musical. i know high school musical 3 hasn’t come out yet but i have been listening to the songs on you tube my favourite too are i want it all and high school musical.
    can’t wait for it to come out.


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