Esoteric Disney

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Some fans collect pins, some collect mouse ears, this Disney fan collects the locations of all the survey markers used in Disney Theme Parks and Resorts around the world. Next time you go to a park bring your GPS unit and join the fun. (Thanks Whit!)

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1 thought on “Esoteric Disney”

  1. No problem John. I see the Disney stuff and I think of you, or your site anyway. What I failed to mention when I found that site was that I was searching quite diligently for the engraved paver bricks in the entrance plaza of DLR. I looked for nearly an hour on official Disney sites and all over the web, and finally found one mention of them (apparently called the Walk of Magical Memories)- it was a link for The Disney Blog. Guess I should have looked here first!
    But I digress, in regard to that site, now we can add something else interesting to our things to find in the parks, i.e. “Hidden Mickeys” and the like.

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