Give Kids The World 20th Anniversary

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Local6 News was very good to Give Kids The World at its 20th Anniversary celebration yesterday. Not only was a full half-hour devoted to the event, including a live special broadcast from the GKTW Village, but there were stories and interviews throughout the day. They also picked up this story from the Associated Press.

Hussein bounced her way through a giant game of Candy Land and spied
the world’s largest gingerbread man Tuesday, along with dozens of other
children with life-threatening illnesses, in celebration of the 20th
anniversary of Give Kids The World Village.

Wish you all could have been there. The world’s largest Gingerbread Man was debuted (along with a new Walk-Around Gingerbread Man Character) and the World’s Largest Game of Candyland was played too. 

John Stamos, a longtime friend of GKTW, was present, which was a big highlight for the families. Many hugs were given and pictures taken. But, as the AP story says, the star of the show was GKTW founder Henri Landwirth. A truly generous man and an example for all others if there ever was one.

As more comes online, I promise to link to it.

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2 thoughts on “Give Kids The World 20th Anniversary”

  1. Argh! Tis tankin’ ye, I be fer dis ‘ere blog! Argh! Tis a good ting ta get me mind off da fact that me favorite ride at Disneyland (“Pirates” o’ course) be down fer refurbishment. Argh! I thank ye fer a sharin’ this ‘ere article. Argh! Ye be a good laddie! Argh! Me ‘at’s off ta ye! Argh! Tis nice ta see peolpe doin’ good fer others, it is! Thar be enough pillagin’ n’ plunderin’ an bad eggs in da world. Tis nice ta know thar be folks willin’ ta lend a helpin’ hand (er hook as the case may be! Argh!)

    Again, me most humble thanks ta ye! Argh!

  2. Hey my sister went to Give Kids the World and we all really enjoyed it. Right now I am reading Henri Landwirth’s book the Gift of Life. My friend and I are planning on doing a National History Day project on him. The topic is tragedy to triumph. I believe Henri’s acpmlishments are amazing and more people should know about Give Kids the World.

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