Throwing down the Gauntlet

As long as Re-Imagineering continues to say the hard truths, I’ll keep linking to them. Here JustinSpace echos my thoughts perfectly:

As Randy Jackson from American Idol would say, "Dawg, I know you got it
in you, I’ve seen what you can do." Show me you mean business. Exceed
my expectations. I want to see Disney’s new management break out the
big brushes and amaze me. I want to see all that stuff in RnD out there
in the park. I want to say, how did they do that? Wow. And, I’m coming
back for more! I want Disney to throw down, raise the bar, and show us
they’ve still got it and then some.

Well, except the American Idol part.

One thought on “Throwing down the Gauntlet

  1. mark

    I came across your blog looking for such things. As a Disneyland Season pass holder, with my wife and daughter, I could not agree more with this post. I love the park and I loved it when I was a kid. My first experience there was in 1972. We came out west from home in Chicago and it was magical. I admit, it is still magical to me–especially seeing it through my 4 year old’s eyes. But, I want to see it be better—cleaner—and amaze me. I’m ready to be impressed. As Fox Mulder said, “I want to Believe…”

    Thanks for the blog.

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