Disney Snags Everwood Creator

As part of the fall out from the merger of WB and UPN networks, I’m sure there will be tons of talent flight. For instance, Disney was just able to sign, Greg
Berlanti, the creator of
Everwood, one of the WBs most successful shows, to a three year deal. This makes me happy. I enjoyed watching the first few seasons of Everwood and I liked the short lived Jack & Bobby too. While I was watching them I often thought, these are the sort of shows that would do well on ABC or the Disney Channel. And now we’ll get more family friendly programing, hopefully.

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One thought on “Disney Snags Everwood Creator

  1. Norma

    Wouldn’t it be swell if ABC or Disney would pick up Everwood. Berlanti is great; it will be terrible to lose Everwood. So few shows of that caliber on TV today.

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