Hong Kong Disneyland Changes Admission System

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The AP Reports that Hong Kong Disneyland announced it has changed its admission system to try and prevent the chaos that erupted during the Chinese New Year holiday when hundreds of visitors tried to storm the park after being denied entry.

The adjustment involves setting aside 11 extra days — around Easter and China’s Labor Day holidays — when only visitors holding date-specific tickets can enter the park, Hong Kong Disneyland Managing Director Bill Ernest said during a telephone conference call. …

Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened in September, now sells three types of tickets: "regular days," "peak days" and "special days." The first two types are valid for six months but do not guarantee entry on any given day, while only the third type is date-specific tickets for holidays when the greatest number of visitors is expected.


Something tells me this is not going to end the confusion nor get Hong Kong Disneyland out of trouble. Also, this would never fly in the U.S.. Having so many ‘hard ticket’ days where the park charges a premium for admission would be such a black-eye on the company that it would lose the support of its fan base. Link.

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