Geoffrey Rush’s Stunt Double injured in POTC filming

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Some sad news from the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Tom Dupont, an award winning stuntman and fight choreographer, was injured during the filming of a scene in a water tank. According to IMDB, this stuntman had acted as Geoffrey Rush’s (Captain Barbossa) stunt double in the first film.

In 2002 Dupont won the ‘Hardest Hit’ category at the World Stunt Awards for his work in ‘A Knights Tale’. According to the commentary for ‘A Knight’s Tale’. Dupont was also knocked out cold on that set during a Jousting scene. (more here). You can also see Dupont starring in this 2002 short film spoofing George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

Being a stuntman is dangerous work that’s frequently overlooked in the movie business. In fact, the Academy Awards doesn’t recognize it at all. Something to remember with the Oscar’s on TV this weekend.

I’m sure this is especially hard coming on the heels of the untimely death of makeup artist Richard Snell. I wish Thomas Dupont a speedy and full recovery as I am sure all fans of the Pirates movies do. Condolences to the friends and family of Richard Snell too.

For more on the Pirates films visit the official fan site for the films.

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