Hong Kong Disneyland to rapidly expand

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Before its first year of operations is complete Hong Kong Disneyland plans to open three new attractions to help alleviate the long lines experienced during the busy season.

The additions are the "Autopia" electric car ride, the "Stitch Encounter," a theater show, and the UFO Zone — made up of water-squirting robot, rocket ship and flying saucer, said a Hong Kong
Disney spokeswoman Esther Wong. The three games — located in the Tomorrowland section of the park — will be open to the public this summer, Wong said.

This is a good move for sure as it  could add another 1800-2200 people per hour to its capacity. The higher number if Stitch is of the two theatre variety, like its Orlando counterpart. The UFO zone is nothing more than a play area for children, something imagineering has gotten good a delivering when park managers ask for something cheap for the kiddies.

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