Vintage Disneyland Photos

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Disneylandcastleconstruction Stuff From The Park is a look back at Disneyland’s very early days via photos acquired at rummage and garage sales. If I ever found even a few photos like this I would consider myself totally lucky. But this guy in Colorado seems to have a ton of it.

There’s plenty of great photos that are like nothing I’ve never seen before. Including a set of construction shots starting with this one of the castle courtyard in Fantasyland being framed out. I also have never seen a picture of the original Casa De Fritos back when it was located in the building that houses River Belle Terrace right now (well, technically it was at the back of that building which has since been totally rethemed).

There are so many great photos, I can’t link to them all. So make sure you explore this blog thoroughly.

If that’s not enough for you visit Dan’s excellent nostalgia site Mr. Toast for these additional Vintage Disneyland photos including a link to a new flickr group where you can add your own.

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