Texas College wants Apology from makers of Glory Road

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The AP is reporting that officials at Texas A&M University-Commerce are seeking an apology for the way their school and fans were depicted during this year’s Disney basketball feel-good pic Glory Road. Have they not heard of dramatic license? If Hollywood had to apologize everytime they ignored historical fact, they’d be out of business.

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1 thought on “Texas College wants Apology from makers of Glory Road”

  1. Taking dramatic licence with supposedly “historical” films can result in unintended consequences. In “Mississippi Burning” a scene put in to “punch up” the action of the church burning segregationists gratuitously killing a praying black church member so incensed a black boy that he killed a white boy.

    There’s enough ignorance about the past as it is, without Hollywood making up fairy stories about it just to sell more seats. Jerry Bruckheimer is no stranger to this kind of revisionism for the sake of bucks, as any history buff knows who watched “Pearl Harbor”.

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