NYC Employees visit Mickey on Taxpayers Dime

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A group of New York City Finance Department Employees visited Walt Disney World in Orlando on a team-building exercise using Taxpayer dollars. Not bad by itself. But the total $127,000.00 seems a bit outrageous? Where were they staying the Grand Floridian?

1 thought on “NYC Employees visit Mickey on Taxpayers Dime”

  1. At first glance, I thought you said Fire Dept. and I thought, “Hey, no big deal. They deserve it.” Then I saw it read FINANCE Dept. Um…there were only 24 of them. Let’s see…that’s nearly $5300 each! Holy crap. I’ve never met a person that worked in a finance dept. that wasn’t a tightwad. However, that’s their job and I completely understand that. This is outrageous to me.

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