Eisner Moves on to become… Larry King

Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner is moving on to become… Larry King or, as he would prefer, Charlie Rose. He’s recorded his first few shows to be shown on CNBC (originally just six shows a year, although it sounds like the number might have risen some). Based on his hosting job at The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights for ABC, I think I’d liken him more to a wooden board than either of the above. Already some are  begging for him to throw in the towel.

Of course, to be a good television interviewer what you really need is a good set. Luckily for Mr. Eisner he’s friends with some pretty good architects and designers. In this case Mr Frank Gehry, known for his metallic buildings, at least a couple of which were done for Disney under Eisner’s regime, was asked to help Michael out.

The result is, well, metallic, and typical for Gehry, but less than stunning I would say. Of course that’s probably a good thing since you want the attention on the subject, not the set.

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One thought on “Eisner Moves on to become… Larry King

  1. Quacky1

    Oh My Gawd. Tell Michael if he really wants to heat things up he should skip the celebrities, and give the air time to the people he used to work with. Let them rip him on national TV and have him fight back. Now that would be some can’t miss TV.


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