The Prodigal Rabbit

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Cartoon Brew has two great posts (part one and part two) that discuss the return of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit to the company his creator founded.

It’s hard to even wrap my head around how cool this deal is; Disney is
using their ESPN division as leverage to further their cartoon
holdings. For a company that has shown so little regard and
appreciation in recent years for its primary business—animation—this is
a particularly meaningful gesture.

I agree. It’s way cool. Harry McCracken does have a few questions he wants answered, however. He also adds this juicy point.

In his short tenure as CEO, Bob Iger has made John Lasseter the creative head of all of Disney animation and righted the wrong that Charlie Mintz wrought almost eighty years ago; so far, the guy is 2-0 when it comes to amazing, historic moves involving Disney animation’s past, present, and future. I’m not sure what he can possibly do now to top himself.

Well, Bob looks like you’re on the right path. Keep it up and Disney fans might even forget the damage caused by Eisner in the last 12 years!

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