Disney Board meets today re: Pixar

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Walt Disney Company Board of Directors will meet today to discuss the Pixar proposal, whatever that is. Recent speculation has been that a complete buyout is on the table and the fact that the board is meeting to discuss a deal of some sort lends some credibility to that rumor. A simple distribution deal would not require Board approval, whereas acquisitions do. Either way, we could have an announcement as soon as Monday.

The Sentinel article seems to suggest that a Steve Jobs influenced Disney Company would be greated with enthusiasm by Disney fans. What say you?

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2 thoughts on “Disney Board meets today re: Pixar”

  1. A Steve-Jobs-influenced Disney? OOO-rah! My fear is that, as an “animation unit”, the Company Formerly Known as Pixar might suffer the fate of becoming a Disney-influenced company. I’m keeping pixie dust thoughts that the influence will definitely come from the Jobs camp, particularly if he becomes Disney’s largest shareholder.

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