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New Disneyland Fan Videos

If you’re into fan videos of Disney Theme parks then you’ll want to check out these two recent releases on the Store.

First is the latest in a series of DVDs from Jeff Lange. "Jeff Lange Remembers Haunted Mansion Holiday" features two versions of the attraction. First there are two ride-throughs of the original 2001 version of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday, a themed overlay that combines the original Haunted Mansion with characters and sets from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. The first season had different music and some different props. Then travel forward to 2005 for two ride-throughs of the most recent version of the holiday overlay. It’s reasonably priced for a fan-created DVD at $14.50

The second DVD is "Light Magic – A Spectacular Journey" created by the team at Window to the Magic. It contains the complete performance from the infamous 1997 Light Magic Annual Passholder Preview Party. This party was the beginning of the end for the $60 million flop. The performers had just started doing dress rehearsals, they only had a little experience dancing on the floats themselves, and some of the effects and whizbangs broke down or just weren’t working at all. The show itself turned out to be pretty good with great music, choreography, and lots of Disney Characters. But the impossible logistics, narrow viewing areas, and other costs doomed Light Magic. This DVD is your chance to own a piece of history and it’s affordably priced at $14.95 as well.

Fan created DVDs have been some of the most popular sellers at the Store. These are two good examples of fans filling a vacuum left by the Disney Company that Disney fans want to see filled. My advice is to get them now before the Disney Company decides that vacuum was there for a reason.

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