Disney’s Glory Road

If there is one movie genre Disney has figured out it’s the ‘based on a true story’ motivational sports film. Glory Road is the latest in a string of such films that includes "Remember the Titans", "The Rookie", and "Angels in the Outfield" (Okay that one wasn’t based on a true story).

I’ve been invited to a screening next week and I’ll come back with my review, But in the meatime check out the Movie Guide (with trailers, photos and more) LaughingPlace.com has set up for the film.

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1 thought on “Disney’s Glory Road”

  1. I wasn’t interested at all in seeing a movie about basketball. I am not one to support my husband’s love of sports, that is why he has three boys. At much convincing I finally agreed to go to see this movie. From the moment it started I was confoundly struck by the story. All throughout the movie I cried tears of sadness, tears of hope and tears of pride for all the characters in the movie endured. I was truly touched by this movie and will encourage all those who have not had the opportunity to experience such a heartfelt movie. Thank you for making me feel so wonderful at the end of this movie.

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