Animation Roundup

Have a couple Animation oriented stories tonight so I’m just slotting them all together in one post. Hope you don’t mind.

First Animated News has just posted an amazing interview with ex-Disney animator, and current animation director for hire, Eric Goldberg. Goldberg is best known for his animation of the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin.

In the interview they talk about the rumored Roger Rabbit sequel:

"I did a test of Roger. They were talking about doing a sequel, they got
Frank Marshall in to direct the live action for a test sequence, and
what they wanted to test was, "Let’s see if we can do computer props so
we don’t have to rig the real props, and match characters to them.
Let’s see if we can do computer props and make them look realistic, and
do hand-drawn animation to match it." And I said, "Look, the gimmick’s
old already. If you’re going to make Roger Rabbit, drag him into this
century, you gotta do him in CGI." So we did him in CGI. The CG guys
down in Florida did both the prop tests and the CG Roger test which I
directed in California, and the CG Roger looked great."

And coincidentaly, Steward Street has just posted a fuzzy, but very interesting video clip that looks at some of the early work on the original Roger Rabbit.

Hans Bacher, another ex-Disney artist, (previously blogged here and here) has closed up his Mad-T-Party blog and moved to a new site called ‘It’s a Wrap‘. Sadly part of the reason for this move is his uncomfortableness being completely open in his writing now that his blog has become so popular. It’s popular for a reason and I hope he continues providing some of that amazing look at animation and animation history.

Luxo has a round-up of reviews and articles for Pixar’s MoMA exhibit in NYC.

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