Rose Parade makes changes for TV

This story tells about the changes coming to the Rose Parade to make for better television viewing. It also provides this description of the Disney sponsored float:

The next float to stop will be in the
47th spot in line – Disney’s 150-foot rolling reproduction of the five
magic castles from each of the Disney theme parks. The float will
feature children and fireworks, and the pre-recorded "premiere" of a
song called "One."

Don’t forget. Due to a quirk of the calendar and the timing of the Rose Bowl, the parade will be on January 2nd this year. No more camping out on New Year’s Eve for spots.

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3 thoughts on “Rose Parade makes changes for TV”

  1. Who is the idiot who put Stephanie Edwards in the bleachers, and added Michaela ____ to the ongoing commentary? As always, the camera work was superb, but moving Ms. Edwards was a HUGE MISTAKE!!!

  2. Please, PLEASE, tell me where I can buy the music , recording, or sheet music to the song sung from the float, “One”. Where can I at least hear it again. I loved it!!
    Thank you.

  3. Hey, during the Rose Parade, who was the beautiful girl that sang the song “One”?
    Thanks in Advance

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