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Haunted Mansion Paper Model: How its done

Nos07Ray Keim is at it again. He has build amazing 3-D renderings of the Disney World Haunted Mansion and then rendered that into the real world with a paper model. He’s made paper models of the crypts that surround the outside of the WDW Haunted Mansion. Now he’s working on Disneyland’s New Orleans Square version. As a plus he’s documenting his process so you can follow along and then he’s made his models available for download for free on You have to see the gallery of completed projects with images from Disney fans who have built the paper craft model for themselves.

Thanks Ray! This is awesome stuff.

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1 thought on “Haunted Mansion Paper Model: How its done”

  1. Haunted Mansion gerendert und aus Papier

    Über einen Artikel im Disney-Blog bin ich gestern auf die Seite von Ray Keim gestoßen. Dort gibt es nicht nur schöne 3D-Renderings der Haunted Mansions in Orlando und Anaheim(?), sondern auch eine Gallerie mit entsprechenden Papiermodellen.
    Mir wäre

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