Department of unfortunate merchandise department

Jessicalrg_2As a collector of Disneyana I make a point to keep a watch on what new merchandise is released at the parks. Merchandise quality and selection has gotten a lot better since the mid-90s when every store at the parks carried the same thing and you were lucky if you got it home before it broke. Still they do make a mistake every now and then.

Look at this Jessica Rabbit ceramic figurine. She looks nice. Detailed paint job. Some crystal rhinestone jewels to add some sparkle. Interesting pose. Well sculpted, but not too racy. Her proportions have actually even been reduced to de-emphasize the large bust size Jessica sports in the movies. But look closer.

In fact, look at the placement of the jewels at the top of her dress. (See below the cut for more detail).

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It must be mighty cold in that room or I’m starting to see things in my old age.

2 thoughts on “Department of unfortunate merchandise department”

  1. Heh heh. Well, I don’t know, I think proportianally speaking if she were life-sized (don’t we wish) the jewels would be about an inch or so too high on the bust, really. But I get your point. Or, um, points rather.

  2. Sigh. Are you trying to say she has plastic jewel nipples? Please. They’re totally on the top of the dress, and I looked for a few moments for something else thinking that there’s no way a grown person would think something so idiotic. I might expect a snicker out of only the most immature 13 year-olds, but that’s about it.

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