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WDW Monorail Accident Reported

Update: July 2009 Fatal Monorail Accident information story

There is a report of an accident on the Walt Disney World Monorail system on Saturday. Sounds like the ‘tugger’, a gas powered service vehicle, ran into monorail yellow. The tugger was approaching to service the stalled monorail but collided with it instead causing damage to the nose cone of Yellow and its front window to pop out. No injuries to anyone on the monorail have been reported, but it sounds like the tender driver did go to the hospital with injuries. This appears to have been confirmed by a cast member as well.

That said I can’t find any main stream media news coverage of it. This is one of the real differences between Orlando and Anaheim. Any accident that happens at the Disneyland Resort gets news coverage with helicopters overhead. In Orlando, news of the incident rarely even leaves the property.

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3 thoughts on “WDW Monorail Accident Reported”

  1. Indeed, there was an accident involving Work Tractor #3 and Monorail Yellow. A maintenance guy was taken to the hospital by air. I have not heard any detail that about what was determined to be the cause of the accident.

    There are very good reasons why mainstream media doesn’t cover accidents at Walt Disney World. First, Walt Disney World is (or at least used to be) a no-fly zone. That prevents helicopters from flying overhead. Additionally, after the Mark IV Monorail Siver fire in 1986, Disney has asserted great control over releasing information to the press, and the press has been reluctant to come on property to cover accidents such as this. In 1986 media went on property and took pictures of the burned out Monorail Silver backstage. Disney filed a lawsuit against the company who took the pictures. That is why the media is very careful about what they cover.

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