Help Celebration Rule the Universe!

David Gilmore, a resident Celebration, FL asked me to post this. And who am I to turn down a polite request.

The Disney town of Celebration, FL is in a competition for the number one dream town. Celebration is currently number 3 and needs votes. Please vote and tell everyone to vote…Celebration is the number one
dream town. Please help and vote at

Celebration is currently behind the town of Abingdon, VA by 3200 votes. You do have to register to vote, which probably signs you up for a ton of email spam. But I’m sure David and the rest of Celebration would appreciate the effort.

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2 thoughts on “Help Celebration Rule the Universe!”

  1. Actually, you can use a phony email address (or multiple addresses, if you’re from a place like Chicago where voting early and often is encouraged).

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