Cinderella Castle and the Xmas Tree

Castle and Tree
Castle and Tree,
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Just posted a new flickr set of my Sunday romp through the Magic Kingdom. November 6th and the Christmas Decorations are already up. You can also check out the same photos on

The christmas tree is normally erected in Town Square, but due to ongoing construction of the Train Station they’ve placed it at this very picturesque setting on the Tomorrowland side of the Hub. If they do finish the Town Square refurbishment then it is likely the tree will return to its normal setting.

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2 thoughts on “Cinderella Castle and the Xmas Tree”

  1. I have heard about the Christmas tree’s temporary placement near Tomorrowland and close to the Cinderellabration Castle stage but it had nothing to do with the train station’s repair work schedule. It was pointed out to the entertainment cast that the reason for the tree not being in it’s usual Town Square Hub location right now is for the stage and audience area for the taping of the Regis and Kelly MVMCP show. (Which begins taping in about a week or so for it’s annual Christmas Day airing on ABC.) Allegedly, after the taping is over, the tree is scheduled to be moved to it’s rightful place in the center of Town Square. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks where it winds up.

  2. Wow, Disney’s is behind Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede? Odd. Their decorations were up before Halloween–viewable as I drive to work on I-4.

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