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10 Year old Lawsuit stirred by Wilma

Hurricane Wilma didn’t just blow off roofs and damage buildings, it killed ten people in a state where building codes are strict. But this was today. 13 years ago Hurricane Andrew roared through the same part of the state resulting in tons of damage and an opportunity to rebuild better than before. Arvida was one of the companies that helped rebuild, but apparently did a real shoddy job. Subsequently Disney acquired Arvida in a buyout. 10 years ago the residents filed a lawsuit against Arvida and Disney to recoup their losses.

In 2002, the county condemned every one of
buildings that make up the Village Homes. Homeowners want Disney to pay
the cost of required repairs — as high as $80,000 a unit — and other
fees. Disney says the problems are not of their doing.

Now the suit is finally about to head to trial. Some residents even rode out Wilma in their houses. Might be hard for Disney to find an unbiased Jury Pool after the last couple years of hurricanes.  I wonder if they’ll finally settle.