World of Narnia to appear at Disney World

The December 9th release date for Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is rapidly approaching. Now Disney World has announced that they will be debuting a Narnia exhibit on the 9th featuring sets and costumes from the film. You’ll get a peak behind the magic as you enter Soundstage 4 at the Disney MGM Studios themepark.

Sounds like fun. But no idea how long it will last. So make plans to attend soon.

1 thought on “World of Narnia to appear at Disney World”

  1. I’m disappointed the attraction will not open until the same day the movie is released (that doesn’t meet my definition of a “peek.”)

    Still, we’ll probably go to MGM to see it. I just finished reading all 7 books to my son (we started in June) and we are looking forward to the movie.

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