Commander in Chief: what’s the direction here?

Anybody else unhappy with last nights episode of Commander in Chief? Seems the folks at TV Squad were. This is what I left in the comments over there.

I thought this was the worst of the season so far. They can’t all be winners, but why was this one so bad? Totally agree with you on the Prez’s attire. Maybe the costume designers should go check out Meg Whitman’s (or other women CEOs) closet. Stop dressing Mack like she’s a gray wall. I’m also having a hard time with the ‘Everwood’ plot lines with the family. They had a chance to make a realistic first family and they’ve blown it so far.

I hate to keep comparing CIC to West Wing, but here you go. In WW you spend 40 minutes on the interpersonal play involved in making politics and get 7 minutes of personal relationships mixed in at the end or in sideways winks. In CIC you get 40 minutes of family soap opera and get 7 minutes of predictable politics thrown in.

Maybe Bochco can save the show.

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2 thoughts on “Commander in Chief: what’s the direction here?”

  1. Personally, I don’t see what needs to be saved. I’m loving every minute of the show. Even the “boring” family parts.

    I love how it is showing that they ALL have to adjust to her being president. The show is not only about her being a female president, but its also about her being a mother and how she has to juggle those two distinct roles.

    This is new territory, even for viewers. This isnt’t a typical “president” series. If it was, I’d turn it off. I’m not into politics.. never have been. If I wanted a series about a president and politics, I’d be watching West Wing. I saw a couple eps of West Wing. They put me to sleep. I hope Bochco doesn’t turn this into a female West Wing. I really do. I’d lose the wonderful scenes with Mac, the mother.

    I like series about “characters” and their stories. No matter the situation they are in, they will have stories. THAT is what I am really loving about CIC. The characters and their stories. All of them, not just Mac.

    But then… I almost never tend to take the popular view when it comes to a series. More often than not, I end up wondering if I am watching the same show as everyone else. LOL

  2. Well, I thought I posted something, but instead screwed it up somehow.

    If this is a double post… oops. :-)

    I don’t see a problem with CIC. I am loving every minute of it.. even the “boring” family parts.

    CIC is not a typical “president” show. It’s not just about Mac as President, its also about Mac as mother and how she AND her whole family are adjusting to being in the White House. Its nice to see the ‘family’ side of who is living in the White House. Especially on teens and how hard it is to be thrust into the historical spotlight like that. I also really like the fact that Mac’s husband (It generally takes me a while to remember character names) is having to deal with being the first, First Gentleman.

    I am glad CIC is not West Wing, and I do not want to see Bocho turn it into a West Wing with a chick. I don’t want to see a stereotypical Political show that glosses over the fact that Mac is a woman and a mother. I’m afraid of what he’ll do, honestly. I hope he doesn’t strip the femininity out of Mac. That includes her family. :-)

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